You might be an author, selling your masterpiece that has taken your life blood to create.

You might be a publisher seeking copywriting help to generate written marketing materials for the books you are selling.

Alternatively, perhaps you have a publication and need articles, reviews, news or blogs about books or literature?

If you are seeking content or copywriting within the literary niche then I can help.

A book lover before I could walk; often found with my nose in a book and as a child reading to the dog!  I remain passionate about books and literature today.

Creating written materials to market books or other content to educate, inform and inspire the reader about the literary world are tasks I will happily take on.

Book reviews are a tried and tested method to achieve more readers.

A staff writer for the website publication, Independent Book Review (IBR), I regularly write reviews for both IBR and my own website, featuring books from a range of genres.

Despite popular belief and the rise of the ebook market, the literary industry is continuing to thrive and better content or copywriting will only ensure you thrive with it!

The services I can offer in terms of content and copywriting within the literary field include:

  • Book reviews (honest and fair, always taking the time to read the book thoroughly first)
  • Web content – including landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Interviews with authors or other key figures
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing
  • Customer information – hard copy, including leaflets, brochures and web form

If you have a requirement for copywriting or content not listed here then please do call me to discuss this.

Learn more about how Helen Freelance Writer can write great content or copy to sell your books or engage an audience in the literary world!

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