You have landed on the ‘About’ page of Helen Freelance Writer.

I surmise therefore that you were hoping to learn more about me, my background and whether I would be a good fit for you.

Let me fill you in…

I am Helen and I work full time as a freelance content and copywriter. I have always enjoyed writing and incorporated it into my life where I could but I have not always worked as a writer.

I originally trained as a nurse with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. For 20 years I was a nurse in the UK for the NHS and for other organisations, including the Military and the health insurance industry.

After 20 years nursing I was ready for a new challenge and to transfer my energy to another life venture! I made the decision to stop nursing and instead carve a living out of one of my biggest passions in life – writing.

I specialise my writing now into writing content and copy for the health and medical industry; small businesses and the literary world.
See each of the dedicated service pages to learn more about these niche areas I work in.

I am based in Hampshire in the UK but due to the wonders of the world wide web I can work for you wherever you are based; be that locally or internationally!

The skills, knowledge and experience being a nurse have given me are invaluable now in my work as a content and copywriter… read on and I will explain how.

Why am I an ideal candidate to work for you as a freelance content and copywriter?

Fine attention to detail
I am naturally perfectionistic and it was ingrained in me as a nurse to ensure attention to detail in the work I do.  I will bring these traits to any work I carry out, ensuring my writing hits the mark every time!

Language fluency and grammar
I love good English and to use it creatively.  I also hate to see poor grammar in writing. My writing will be fluent, spelt correctly and grammatically correct (unless it is by design to make a point!).

Constantly Learning and Evolving
As a nurse, it is essential to keep learning. Qualifying into a role does not mean that learning stops.

I see this same principle as crucial in being a writer.  The world around us is ever changing. The way people consume information is evolving rapidly and it is vital to keep informed of all these changes.

I stay up to date with content and copywriting methods, marketing principles and changes in the industry. This ensures the work I do for you is current and fits the modern age.  I  am proud to be a member of the Procopywriters Organisation in the UK.

An understanding of people and a caring nature
Working as a nurse for 20 years left me with experience of caring for people from a variety of walks of life.  I know how to alter communication methods depending on who I am communicating with.

I also care – I care about all people and I have skills in empathy, understanding human emotions.

My writing will reflect this.  I will adapt my writing to fit the audience of your target market and I will genuinely care about the message they are receiving.

Understanding of the human psyche
A good copywriter will have an understanding of basic human psychology.

Understanding how people think and being able to write to appeal to the reader on a psychological level is important to get the intended results from the content.  I have studied psychology as a nurse and can bring that knowledge to create writing that gets results.

Research skills and translating it to fit the audience
Throughout my career, I have needed to find reliable sources of evidence for the work I do.  I know how to research for good information and when a source is reliable. Any content or copywriting I do can include my researching the topic as part of the process.

I can translate the information found into succinct writing that is easy to read and ensures the intended audience can grasp the take-home message.

Personal core values
Finally, I bring a range of core values to you.

Honesty is a key value I uphold – you will not find any ‘fake news’ here!!  All the writing I undertake will be honest and can be trusted.


I will also be reliable, meet deadlines and be friendly and approachable (promise)!


There you have a bit more information about me.

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